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Really, like RIGHT NOW! It's a lovely idea, but if we attempt anything prior to me having my coffee, we won't be having morning sex so much as just mourning sex.

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As always, I want to make it very clear that I do not give advice. I reiterate that I am in no manner qualified or certified to dispense advice. And even if I were I would find it a foolhardy prospect. It's my belief that few people are sincerely seeking advice. In fact, 98% of the time they have already decided upon a course of action, how they're going to handle any given situation. When they present the dilemma to you, they are not seeking advice so much as hoping to garner your validation and possibly even support in executing their plan. But, when it comes to rejection, I feel that I have enough experience to be somewhat of an authority, so I feel confident in sharing. So, when somebody asks me "advice" on something, I make it quite clear that I am only sharing my own experience in a similar manner, how I handled the situation and in retrospect if I feel my coarse of action was well chosen, regardless of the outcome. Hell, I have made terrible choices which had disastrous results at the time, but that have gone on to have a glorious overall outcome. So, I present the following dilemma that was presented to me by a lovely young man earlier today.

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