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Metrosexual.. is it the aesthetic equivalent of being bisexual? Or, is it simply some awkward state of limbo between being gay and straight? I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this term. Am I to be offended, or perhaps feel honored to know that there are those that wish to emulate what they perceive as being my lifestyle. Is this the equivalent of the white kid from the suburbs that dresses and "acts" black? A rather warped desire to be a "person of color" without the "inconveniences" so often associated with actually being so?

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Words are cheap! We hear it all the time. Hell, words are free for that matter. But isn't it true that words contain whatever value we instill or assign to them, or that they inspire in us? The one great thing about writing is that unlike other artistic mediums, there is virtually no expense when it comes to materials. The words are free, the artiste simple needs to pluck them from their mind and assemble them. Now, the consequences of that assemblage can be extremely profound, it can be helpful, it can even do damage. My intent as a writer/artist is not to provoke people, but to provoke thought, to encourage myself and others to think. So, I have decided to supplement my writing with a day to day journal. Self-indulgent? Absolutely, there's no denying it. But, hopefully I will touch upon aspects of my own experience that will provoke me to further explore more creative ideas.

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While I generally attempt to approach light topics, usually of a sexual nature, from a rather humorous, albeit acerbic and often cynical manner, the fact remains that I am capable of recognizing issues of a nature more profound than the proper pairing of condom and lube for a particular day. This is my tribute to the late Barbara Grier, co-founder of Naiad Press, the nation’s first publishing company devoted solely to the publication of works by, for and about Lesbians. Ms. Grier and her life partner Ms. McBride along with their business partners broke through barriers and opened doors that have helped to form who we are as LGBT people today.

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