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Jerry Seinfeld recently made some comments about the fact that Political Correctness is taking its toll on comedy. He pointed out that many comedians are hesitant to perform on college campuses due to the sensitivity of the crowd. His own daughters accuse him of being "sexist" if he mentions that they may want to appear attractive to boys. Look, I'm not all that familiar with Seinfeld's comedy. Some of you tell me he's a "whiner" which is in fact a comedic "style" in its own right. Just as there are comics that thrive on insult, vulgarity, irony, and politics. The issue is that we've become so sensitive about everything that we no longer feel free to laugh. We bitch about Christians finding the fly in the ointment, but we're all culpable of seeking out the flaw in the most innocent of jokes. We're so hell bent on embracing diversity that we dare not even acknowledge that we're actually diverse. To do so may be misconstrued as racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist. No, we must pretend that we're just a homogenous glob of polyglot and crush any opportunity to laugh about simple being human.

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Metrosexual.. is it the aesthetic equivalent of being bisexual? Or, is it simply some awkward state of limbo between being gay and straight? I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this term. Am I to be offended, or perhaps feel honored to know that there are those that wish to emulate what they perceive as being my lifestyle. Is this the equivalent of the white kid from the suburbs that dresses and "acts" black? A rather warped desire to be a "person of color" without the "inconveniences" so often associated with actually being so?

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I threw this together for Jack's and my San Francisco friends and extended families. We've been visited by some pretty harsh reality and profound sadness regarding the very grave condition of a beloved member of our community. I prefer not to name names, or post his photo. Though this is a tribute to him, I've no desire to use the schazenfreude of his situation to promote myself. And, if you have no clue who I'm talking about, this is just my testimonial or homage to the inevitable loss that we all face in life. Regardless of our beliefs, or lack thereof. There remain times when we all pray for a miracle.

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From time to time I like to check in to remind myself of just exactly who I am. I really don't know what comes first, the fact that I'm Caucasian, the fact that I'm a gay man, or the fact that I'm an alcoholic. It's yet one more of those "chicken or egg" dilemmas that continue to keep me in a state of rumination and mental masturbation. I generally post these thoughts on my Facebook page, but have decided to publish this here on my blog. I hope some of you can relate.

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As always, I want to make it very clear that I do not give advice. I reiterate that I am in no manner qualified or certified to dispense advice. And even if I were I would find it a foolhardy prospect. It's my belief that few people are sincerely seeking advice. In fact, 98% of the time they have already decided upon a course of action, how they're going to handle any given situation. When they present the dilemma to you, they are not seeking advice so much as hoping to garner your validation and possibly even support in executing their plan. But, when it comes to rejection, I feel that I have enough experience to be somewhat of an authority, so I feel confident in sharing. So, when somebody asks me "advice" on something, I make it quite clear that I am only sharing my own experience in a similar manner, how I handled the situation and in retrospect if I feel my coarse of action was well chosen, regardless of the outcome. Hell, I have made terrible choices which had disastrous results at the time, but that have gone on to have a glorious overall outcome. So, I present the following dilemma that was presented to me by a lovely young man earlier today.

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Learning to love and embrace my penis has been the most liberating experience of my life.

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Dining Al Fresco Anderson? (Up The Pooper Mr. Cooper?)

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I’m admittedly a man that is highly opinionated yet extremely ignorant of most topics of any importance, this is a dangerous combination of traits so I tend to avoid important topics like politics or speaking about major events like Fashion Week. My area of expertise is more along the lines of sex, hooking up online for the purpose of having sex, preferred types of lubricant to facilitate said sex, and the occasional review of a restaurant that serves mediocre food in generous portions, two things that are important to Jack and me when we dine out. Today I am going to make an attempt to write about a topic that is of some concern to many if not most LGBT people. Coming out!

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