Posted on 5/12/2015 by Daddy Will

Have the ferries of time and gravity taken the opportunity to wave their wand over you, working their charms and casting a spell of either magic or mayhem? Have you gained a significant amount of weight, or experienced an injury that has kept you from the gym, resulting in your Adonis like body being reduced to that of a mere mortal. Maybe you've faced a catastrophic illness whose occurrence and subsequent treatment have left you but a shell of the physical being you once were? Meanwhile, you're still here, and there are still people that love you and care about you. And there are others that are just waiting for you to be strong enough to once again open yourself up to being loved and embraced, lusted for even. None of us are going to get out of this game alive, and even the rare few that were blessed with being pretty from the beginning will remain pretty to the end. Integrity and character are assets that are impervious to the ravages of time and gravity. To allow vanity and pride to supersede and define us is absolute blasphemy. We are all bigger than that.

Many years back, probably ten or so, I hooked up with a cute guy. Went to his place, we had a good time.

Now, in the interim, some years back, he had a stroke. From what he says I'm to assume that there was some paralysis and his speech and motor skills were compromised, and his recovery has been slow and arduous.  

In the ensuing decade, I too have faced physical challenges. Though my condition was not caused by a stroke but cumulative spinal injuries, I too faced severe atrophy and paralysis of my left arm, and while it has improved greatly, I still have a pretty significant strength deficit in my upper body, am not nearly as agile as I used to be, and fatigue easily.

Meanwhile I've not seen this fellow in person, but do run into him from to time online, cruising the sex sites. It's already established that we find one another attractive and share great sexual chemistry.  His stroke has evidently not had a great effect on his libido. But, his sense of pride and willingness to be seen has been greatly compromised.

Over the past several years, I have all but begged him to spend an afternoon with me, but he's not really ready to reveal himself. About a year ago another buddy of his that is a total stranger to me made contact with me and told me about how difficult it has been to break down the barrier that this guy has build up around himself, and asked if I'd perhaps be interested in the three of us getting together sometime, allowing myself to use this other gentleman as entre to getting reacquainted. But, nothing has come to pass.

I just a few minutes ago went through yet another email exchange with my old friend, and though he admits to having the desire, he remains hesitant to open up and allow me to see him.

Please know this.  Life is going to visit upon us all sorts of indignities.  Oft times these things can even be catastrophic. Some will manifest in profound changes in our appearance or physical abilities, and others will leave emotional scars that are extremely difficult to overcome.  Trust me, I've been there.  I've not only had to reconcile myself with the fact that upon close scrutiny, my bad arm will always give me the appearance of a Stone Crab, one claw significantly larger than the other.  I have also faced a very unfortunate experience that has left me with PTSD, extreme claustrophobia, and a horrible fear of being in any manner restrained. I can't even watch a TV show about spelunking without crawling out of my skin.   But, this is mine to deal with. I do have one strong and powerful arm, and as for the claustrophobia? It gives me a perfect excuse to avoid flying Coach and justify the upgrade to Business or First Class.

To my friend that has had the stroke:  I realize this is a matter of pride and vanity. But, personally, I'm not turned off by the fact that your motor skills aren't 100%, or that your speech has been impaired.  Hell, I speak English that I learned in New Castle, PA, and Spanish that I learned on the streets of Miami.  This qualifies me as being functionally illiterate in two languages.  Not to mention that I hate to travel so have spent my entire life fucking foreigners in order to feel like I've been out of the country. My whole life has been an experience in ESL and trying to figure out wtf people are saying.

I want to make love to you dude, I want to plow you senseless.  So, you don't feel you're the man you were ten years ago...411.. Neither am I!

Honestly, I don't even give a rat's ass if you drool all over me. I've been around long enough to consider it part of the game, foreplay, lube, whatever.  Pick up your crutches and drop your guard.  You're still a hot man in my eyes.

Now, let's do this.


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