Posted on 6/14/2015 by Daddy Will

Not only is today the first day of the rest of your life, but this very moment is the first moment of the rest of your day. We often tell ourselves that we'll do better tomorrow, when in fact we can begin to affect great change right now. I've recently become familiar with a Japanese phrase that's popular in Nichiren Buddhism. The phrase is "HON-NIN MYO" and loosely translates to mean "From this moment forth." I could include the Chinese/Japanese characters here but have no clue how to do so and my IT team is still sleeping. But, I think it is important for me to realize the power of the moment. Getting older makes this all the more imperative for me. I've come to realize that we don't have the many tomorrow to at our disposal for procrastination.


It's not uncommon to hear a message that resonates with us, but for any number of reasons we may come to doubt the integrity of the messenger, perhaps even come to view them as a fraud or charlatan and as a result end up abandoning the message. This might be a bit of folly on our part. I can think of any number of messengers whose reputation or even very existence I've questioned, yet can't deny the veracity of their message and how it enriches my own life. For me Jesus is a perfect example, while I'll allow that he may have once existed in the flesh and had some great messages, I do not worship him, nor feel that I have any relationship with him, nor do I desire such.  I can't fathom someone being able to walk on water, barefoot, two thousand years ago, when it remains impossible today in a pair of very expensive Louboutins. The whole concept of someone dying for my sins just makes no sense to me. I mean, if someone has already "paid" for my sins, picked up the tab in advance, then what impetus do I have to avoid sinning?  Isn't it sort of like an open bar? I've tried to understand, Lord knows I've tried.

As I was making the bed just now, I recalled a New Age practitioner/metaphysical teacher who was highly revered back in the mid 1980's to early 1990's. Back in the earlier days of the AIDS Crisis, when we faced such darkness with little or no hope. They and their practice offered a "cure" for AIDS, a cure that did not come to pass, leaving many bitter people in the wake. Our loved ones were feeling like total failures for their seeming inability to cure themselves, only adding to the devastating trauma of their illness and pending demise.   

Many of us have faced a great challenge forgiving that messenger, and others of their ilk.  Hell, many of us may never find it within themselves to forgive them at all, as we recall dying friends that were wondering what they were doing "wrong." I mean, they were doing as instructed. They were looking in a mirror and proclaiming love for themselves and their inner child. They had worked hard to seek forgiveness within their hearts for those that hay have hurt them, and in turn they went to great lengths to make amends to those that they had harmed. The devoted untold hours to meditation, repeated countless affirmations, and valiantly carried on with a positive attitude, claiming to feel "well" even when horribly ill and at the brink of death.  

I look back today as I continue to attempt to work on myself, and I have to admit that though I too carried a bit of contempt for that messenger, I

have in fact continued to incorporate some of their message into my day to day life.

As I head off to the gym today, I must realize and affirm that I am already perfect, there is nothing wrong with me or my body. I'm not going to the gym to "fix" anything. I'm quite content. But, I am not complacent. I don't think a better body and better health will make me a better person. But, it may serve to refine my message and possibly make me a better messenger. 


You are already perfect, you are already beautiful. The only one that must be convinced of that is YOU!

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