Posted on 2/13/2013 by Daddy Will

What would possess the International Olympic Committee to drop wrestling as an Olympic event? This makes no sense.. I know scores of gay men that are willing to wrestle for the pleasure of being on the bottom.


OK, yesterday the International Olympics Committee voted to drop wrestling from the Summer Olympics beginning in 2020. Wrestling; considered by many historians to be the oldest competitive sport and an Olympic event since 708 B.C., as in Before Cable will no longer be part of the Olympic Games.
It seems that one of the factors behind this rather rude expulsion of such a time honored sport is that it’s just not all that interesting to watch; well more precisely it’s not terribly telegenic. 
Telegenic? Now, there’s a word for ya, particularly given some of the telegenic prime-time programming we are privy to witness on a daily basis.

Admittedly,  wrestling certainly lacks the physical eloquence and aquiline grace of any of the fine ladies that represent the “Housewives Of” franchise and it certainly is devoid of the subtle competitive nuances of reality competitions such as Wipeout or the manipulative and back stabbing strategy behind RuPaul’s Drag Race or Project Runway.

But in light of some of the existing Olympic events that have been deemed worthy of inclusion in recent years, wrestling remains a stellar form of primal hands-on competition, requiring no particular equipment other than a padded surface and an athlete possessing stamina of body and mind,  some knowledge of physics and leverage and the determination to compete and win.

Could it possibly be that it’s just a bit too homoerotic to have two men in Spandex singlets grappling about on the floor to protect and defend their honor and win a medal for their country?

Granted, men’s Greco/Roman Wrestling certainly lacks the rather questionable pedophilic appeal of what I believe is referred to as Rhythmic Dance, a “sport” where young ladies in leotards torment a length of ribbon on the end of a stick.

And then there is that salute to androgyny referred to as Curling where participants  of rather ambiguous gender and  the type of physiques earned by working part time as elementary school crossing guards employ this dynamic of chromosomes and athletic prowess as they chase a heavy stone across the ice with subtle air current provided by a broom. I personally find air hockey infinitely more appealing as a sport, both as a participant or a spectator.

When it comes to being telegenic display, one could argue that Curling is not nearly as integral to the Olympics as Carny Wilson was  to the success of Wilson Phillips .

For me, though I’m not much of a sports fan, I do take great pleasure in watching men’s wrestling, gymnastics, track and field, swimming and diving.

As a gay man it’s safe to say that I’m rather partial to any of what I refer to as the “Spandex Sports,” men’s in particular. 

 I enjoy watching well-built young men compete for a medal while wearing attire that would deem a man of my age and physique eligible for public humiliation and death by stoning in the village square.

Now, on the other hand, I will admit that the men’s Figure Skating makes me a bit uncomfortable.  While I can appreciate a hunky guy in scanty Lycra I tend to get a bit squeamish when presented with men dancing about the ice in embellished and bedazzled cat suits.

You reckon they test those Curlers for gender or anabolic steroid abuse?  Like, would it really matter?

On a serious note, if you would like to sign a petition to keep wrestling an Olympic event I am including the following link.


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