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Really, like RIGHT NOW! It's a lovely idea, but if we attempt anything prior to me having my coffee, we won't be having morning sex so much as just mourning sex.



It's no secret that I'm a sexually driven man. And I'm quite flattered by the alarming number of offers I receive from very attractive men, many of them half my age and way out of my league.   But, I certainly don't think that it pertains to my physical appearance so much as my availability and willingness to say yes.
To be honest, while it may appear that I'm eager to accept most any proposal for a carnal encounter, the truth is;  I'm just petrified of declining such an offer for fear it may never be repeated. If this simple truth causes you to judge me as having no standards and being incredibly easy, I can live with that.

I can't speak for all men my age, but I can say that I have little or no regret for my the errors and transgressions of my past.  If I have any regret at all, it's for blithely and rashly declining offers that may have led  to regret,  but just as possibly resulted in a joyous memory.  I'm of course glad that I never resorted to hair replacement surgery of any type, and I had the foresight to forego having a USDA PRIME meat stamp tattooed on my right ass cheek at the age of 22, somehow even realizing that it could lead to great ridicule when it eventually showed up behind my right knee. No, there are some opportunities that are best avoided.

One such issue that I can cite is guys that hit me up first thing in the morning for sex.  The ones that want me to come to their place to take care of their needs before they go to work, or the gym, or yoga or whatever it is they do. They know I have a car and am semi-ambulatory so I'm a relatively safe bet
Yes,I'm a fairly early riser, I love the mornings, I'll even go as fa to say that I'm horny in the morning.  In fact, I like most people adore the thought of rolling over to spoon romantically with  my beloved and begin the day with a piece of ass. But, I've been married for 13yrs and my husband and I are just not suited to spooning, either romantically or ergonomically.  While we are deeply committed to one another, we're just not all that physically compatible.  Furthermore, he'd only see my sexual advances as a opportunity to fart on my junk.

Yes, I'd love to begin the day by busting a nut, but I don't want to leave the house to do it.  I'm a creature of habit, and primary amongst my habits is the morning consumption of copious quantities of strong black coffee.  Another crucial part of my daily regimen is to partake of a healthy dose or two of what you amateurs refer to as Metamucil,  just that I buy whole psyllium husks in bulk from Amazon, it's more efficient, cost effective, and packs a better punch.

So, even though I may arise in an amorous mood,  mornings are about my ablutions, primarily, getting' my poop on.  As we get older our bodies become a bit more predictable by the mere fact that they can be terribly unpredictable.  I happy and quite grateful to say that I have no trace of erectile dysfunction.  Sportin' wood is not the issue, it's attempting to maintain wood while simultaneously attempting to pinch my anal sphincter that's incredibly daunting.  I don't want to make love to a person when I'm attempting not to shit myself..   It's not romantic, it’s not sexy, it’s a boner killer.

See, most of us mature guys can still do most of the things you younger guys can do.  It just takes some of us a bit longer to get it in gear.  You're what, 26, 30, maybe 35 years old?  Hell, you can still get up in the morning, take care of all bodily functions, hop in the shower and be ready to hang an "OPEN HOUSE" sign on your ass in the time that I'm still attempting to take my first piss.  In fact, I'm more apt to produce a steady stream of urine while standing at the kitchen sink preparing coffee than I am standing here aiming at the bowl.

I'm not declining your offer because I'm not interested or don’t  find you incredibly attractive.  In fact, I'm not declining at all, just asking if we can schedule a brief flight delay so I can prepare to launch.

BTW,  hope you like scruffy cause I'm in dire need of a shave.  Oh, and I'll be leaving my socks on, as a courtesy.
Also, you can come to place if you're willing to wait until my husband goes to work, which won't be until about 10am. It takes him a while to get his poop on too.  We have separate bathrooms but we do text one another throughout the morning.

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