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Learning to love and embrace my penis has been the most liberating experience of my life.


It sounds so simplistic, I mean doesn’t every man love his penis? Well, it’s a fact that all men are quite attached to their penis but I’m not so sure that we all love and embrace our penis.

I’ve always loved my penis in the sense that I love all of my body parts and their capability to perform tasks that make day to day life efficient, effective and pleasurable.  My penis in particular has brought me pleasure in ways some of my other appendages and senses are incapable of.   Besides the obvious fact of sexual satisfaction, orgasm and ejaculation, there’s the facility of peeing in a standing position, the ability to write my name in the snow and the occasional but rare pleasure of being the first man to piss on a fresh and pristine urinal cake in a public restroom.

Where we fall short in our love of our penis is that fact that for most of us our penis falls short of our expectations or in comparison with our fellow man and this results in great despair. In fact I’ve little doubt that the size thing has been an issue for millennia but all we need do as modern man is look at it from the reference point of ancient artifacts or Renaissance painting and statues and I think we can conclude that we’ve experienced some true growth over the years.  I dare say that David as rendered by Michelangelo would hardly be causing any great buzz in the steam room at Gold’s.

As boys we begin our life quite content with our pee pee, wee wee, or whatever diminutive moniker our mother blesses it with.  We more or less assume that they are all the same.  It’s not until we hit middle school with its requirement of Physical Education and the resulting need to disrobe in the locker room that the disparity and resulting penis shame rears its various sized head.  Women are accused of having penis envy but the average man is the one that is truly fraught with this Freudian fixation.

We quickly realize that penises come in a variety of shapes and sizes and unless one lives in a strictly Kosher environment we also realize that some have been subject to alteration, but I won’t go into that debate here.

If you are fortunate, as I have been, to have had the opportunity to know FTM trans-men whose genitalia differs somewhat from those of us that were born biologically male, we can also appreciate that they should be allowed to celebrate their Junk and the pleasure it brings them as they see fit and hopefully celebrate with them in a nonjudgmental manner. Any man that has had the pleasure in hooking up with a trans man is quick to learn that genitals have little to do with gender.

Now, there are always going to be “size queens” out there, men and women that are almost exclusively concerned with the size of a man’s penis and care little what or whom it’s attached to.  Hell, I have friends that drool over a big cock even if it’s sprouting from the front of a rusty old Buick.  All one need do is spend a bit of time in a men's steam room or sauna where there is any type of furtive activity going on to know that size has its advantages but at the same time the victor of the moment is always at risk of being one upstaged by the next man that enters the mist.

For me personally it was in coming to “grips” with my own endowment that I was able to shed the baggage of shame and stifling fears of inadequacy.   There is such liberation and freedom in accepting the reality that it makes little difference what you achieve monetarily or intellectually, what type of car you drive, what neighborhood you live in, what designer labels you sport or what sport you excel in for that matter. The common denominator is that your penis will remain the same size. This is fact, this is law, this is TRUTH! In fact if anything it is likely to decrease a bit as one ages and their erectile response is not quite what it used to be, but no need to despair, gravity will have its way with your scrotum and you’ll be rewarded with a ball sack that will rival your ass when it comes to sagging and drooping.

So, I am not here to dispense advice, you will do what’s necessary to boost your own ego and seek validation, but all things considered I can look back over the fears and follies of my  past and come to this conclusion; were I to have all the money I spent on cars, clothing, wining, dining, booze and boys in an attempt to bolster my self-esteem and assuage my fears of inadequacy I would be very well off today.

When a man asks me if I have a big cock I just assume he must have a loose asshole.

Love your penis, put it to work to provide pleasure for you and another person.   When all is said and done it’s the size of our integrity and capacity to bring joy to the world that we’ll be remembered for.

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