Posted on 6/17/2014 by Daddy Will

I truly believe it is our mission to make a sincere and diligent endeavor to truly know ourselves. Even those that are closest to us and whom we hold most dear can never know us any better than we know ourselves. We must remain tireless in our efforts to seek the truth.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


On August 13th, 1978, I left New Castle, PA to drive who was then a total stranger in her car. to Miami, FL where she had accepted a job transfer. I had been laid off from my own job and it seemed like an opportunity to get a free vacation.  My intent was to driver here down there and hang out for a week, and fly back home. I certainly never dreamed that my free vacation would open the gates and allow me to cross a bridge into a life that I'd have never fathomed.

Has it been the life of my dreams?   Hardly, in my dreams there were never times of unemployment,hunger, near homelessness,  alcoholism, depression, anxiety disorder, difficult relationships, physical challenges, and a dozen other shades of darkness,.

But, my life has been my experience, mine and mine alone.  Never did I fathom that I would be exposed to so many incredible people, so many cultures that differed from my own upbringing.  To hear and learn languages that were foreign to me.  To eat foods I'd never heard of, and be introduced to religions and traditions that seemed at first strange but upon further exploration, made much more sense to me than the very belief system I was exposed to as a child.  To love dearly, and to be loved.  To grieve profoundly over the loss of friends and the decimation of a community that had opened its arms to me, and opened my eyes to my own inherent right to freedom and  human potential.

I adore my husband, we know each other very well.  But, he doesn't really know the process that took place for me to  become me, nor am I fully aware of what makes him who he is.

But, there is no chance of us fully knowing one another until we've become willing to know who and what we are, and acknowledge what brought us to that point.

We have this notion that life is about getting from Point A to Point B.  I personally see my life as striving to get from Point A to Point C, making Point B to be the road I traveled to arrive at my destination.  Hell, make it point Z for that matter.

This is your journey.

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