Dining Al Fresco Anderson? (Up The Pooper Mr. Cooper?)

Posted on 9/20/2011 by Daddy Will in Anderson Cooper gay sexuality sexual orientation coming out out

I’m admittedly a man that is highly opinionated yet extremely ignorant of most topics of any importance, this is a dangerous combination of traits so I tend to avoid important topics like politics or speaking about major events like Fashion Week. My area of expertise is more along the lines of sex, hooking up online for the purpose of having sex, preferred types of lubricant to facilitate said sex, and the occasional review of a restaurant that serves mediocre food in generous portions, two things that are important to Jack and me when we dine out. Today I am going to make an attempt to write about a topic that is of some concern to many if not most LGBT people. Coming out!

Somebody made mention that Anderson Cooper has a new one hour TV chat show that hit the airwaves last week and they went on to suggest that they think it would be admirable for him to “come out.”

I’m assuming that most of my readers are familiar with the dashingly handsome Mr. Cooper, CNN news anchor, host of Anderson Cooper 360 and probably one of the most impeccably dressed reporters in any given situation, be it a gala event, the tragic aftermath of natural disaster or the frontlines of war in the Gulf.  I also hope that some of my readers have some clue as to which Gulf I’m referring, if you do please inform me.

I shall also assume that most of us have some inkling of his pedigree but I will give just a brief explanation and you can feel free to Google the rest.  Wikipedia is a relatively reliable resource regarding Mr. Cooper and the rarefied background from which he hales.

Anderson Hays Cooper was born in 1967 to Emory Wyatt Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper.  Emory Cooper was a writer and Gloria was and is and will always be a Vanderbilt, the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a shipping and railroad magnate of the American Industrial Age.

His mother Gloria has had quite the life and been the topic of tabloid fodder since she was a wee but very wealthy tot.  Born in 1924 her childhood years were marked by custody battles and litigation, back in the days when a million bucks was worth something.  She has been married to men of achievement and is no slouch herself. 

Besides being a debutante, a young woman of unusually exquisite beauty and a socialite of the highest realm, she has had some renown as an artiste and was marketing her work to Hallmark and textile firms back when Anderson was still being weaned.

Of course most of us recognize her for her stellar achievements in the designer jean industry where she single handedly gave birth to the camel toe silhouette allowing for a renaissance of the vaginal yeast infection for which the treatment is  yet today reaping billions in annual revenues.  Savvy business woman that she is I hope she arrange for some type of royalty on every tube of Vagisil sold.

Anyway, back to Anderson and the issue of him coming out.  Ok, really, what’s the point?  I mean the man is a journalist and I personally appreciate the fact that he is able to report on a wide variety of topics from a neutral standpoint and be respected merely as a journalist and not as the “gay reporter.”

We have plenty of open and out gay and lesbian journalists out there and I applaud their choice to come out, some like the lovely Rachel Maddow really have little choice.  I would applaud Anderson himself were he to make that choice but I’m not going to snipe on him for remaining private.  It’s my opinion that as a community we are better served by him remaining mute on the topic of his sexual orientation as opposed to the likes of Perez Hilton who many people may actually think I would give any credence to by mere fact that I am gay.

Now, I know this may sound racist, elitist or double standard but please hear me out. Were Anderson Cooper a sports superstar that haled from the barrio or the hood, or a country western singer from Dixie, or a Republican contender for a Senate seat then I may be more concerned with him coming out. 

If I really thought that his coming out would allow him to benefit as a role model to some marginalized gay kid in the projects or a trailer park then I would feel he was responsible if not obligated to set an example, but as it stands Mr. Cooper has been breathing rather rarefied air his entire life, I’m sure his coterie of nannies recognized which side his bread was buttered on rather early on. I also hardly think that the other scions of American Royalty that grew up summering in the “cottages” of Newport have any big issues regarding coming out to Mummy and Daddy, people of this ilk simply don’t acknowledge or discuss such things.  Hell, even if they weren’t filthy rich they remain Episcopalian.

I hardly think Gloria has much concern regarding the opinion of the other ladies at the Junior League, even their gay sons are totally accepted as long as they promise to transform the country club into a veritable Winter Wonderland for the annual Snow Ball.

Here’s another thing, even if he were to come out I hardly think he’s going to endorse his favorite brand of butt lube or show up at the White Party in Palm Springs, much less attend any of the Bear events that I frequent.   Actually, as the situation stands we have a better chance of Kathy Griffin dragging him to Chicago to report live from IML.

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