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Posted on 9/7/2014 by Daddy Will

Observation is my very reason for being. But, thinking, pondering, and rumination are what fuel my obsession to observe. It seems that almost all topics eventually boil down that timeless conundrum: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Do individuals shape society, or does society shape individuals? Who and when started the whole glorious mess? Hmmmm, not that I think about it, is a conundrum best described as "timeless", or would "perpetual" perhaps be a better choice, in that it continues to feed upon itself, like the elusive notion of perpetual motion.. See, one more thing to ponder.


Regardless of our social position or lifestyle. Be it genetic, hereditary, or chosen. It would seem that the one thing that we  can all agree upon is that; society is in dire need of change, if the human race is to survive.  This is  nothing new.  In fact, I suppose that  general opinion agrees that society has been heading to hell in a hand basket since the discovery of basket weaving.  And they were no doubt being carted off to doom by some other conveyance prior to that.  

But, am I, or you, or we, willing to change?  Doesn't it make sense that any change in society is commensurate with the ability that the individuals within it are capable of changing themselves?

Just this morning my mind was wandering and somehow landed upon a social topic which I have given considerable thought and rumination over the years.  In fact, I had formed what I saw as a well-informed opinion on the issue long ago.  I had looked at from what I saw as a broad perspective, analyzed it from every angle, and had been very objective in my analysis, or at least as objective as my then perspective allowed.

I had my thoughts on the matter well-rehearsed and was willing to share or more accurately impose my objective opinion at the slightest mention of the topic.  What's more, I had practiced my speech with a group of broadminded and objective fellows whom I knew were most likely to agree with my opinion, and between us, we had covered every angle, every possible loophole that allowed for argument on the issue. But, I realize now that we or at least I, had managed to eliminate the prospect of basic human desire that comes from the heart. We were after all pragmatic thinkers.

I was ready to espouse and expound my opinion at any given moment, and I'm sure my husband got so sick of hearing my arrogant orations and no doubt cringed any time the topic was mentioned.

But, just this morning for no known reason, I caught myself revisiting the topic, and was surprised to find that I no longer hold those ideas to be true.  As I reexamined the topic, I began to look at it from the point of view that there could be possible "exceptions" a get out of jail free card, or a grandfather clause.  But, as I continued to look at it OBJECTIVELY, I could see that my opinion just no longer held water at all. No need to look for a breech in a dam that has ceased to exist.

Since my last assessment,  there have been some societal changes. Changes that could have come about only as individuals became  willing to entertain a change of thought, resulting in a change of mind, a change of heart, and thus a change of opinion. Changes based on sound logic and reason, combined with the important factor of humanity's desires and needs of the heart.

Hell, now that we've "jumped the broom" so to speak, it becomes more patently obvious that many of these values were actually never of much value in the first place, but were born of a skewed moralistic view that was in fact inherited and taught, from our own parents, church, village, or society at large.

Now that I've dispensed with my old ideas, I'm left with the task of creating a new speech, a new oratory diatribe to visit upon my reluctant minions, and all within earshot.  Like it or not, I am very much my father, that man I resented so for his obnoxiously opinionated manner.

My poor husband, I honestly don't know how he tolerates me at times.  Even I find myself an intolerable bore, boor, boar… take your pick.


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