HOW I CONQUERED STUBBORN BELLY FAT (and learned to love myself)

Posted on 6/3/2014 by Daddy Will

I'm not one to share photos of naked or near naked men in an effort to tease or tantalize, and that's not at all my purpose for doing so here. The reason I'm sharing this is to face myself, my judgmental past, how I've changed, who I've become and who I am as a man today. Twenty years ago, I'd have looked at a photo like this and I admit (with shame) that my reaction would have been. "JESUS H. CHRIST! Doesn't that poor lard-ass have a fucking mirror, or at least a decent friend or two to tell him to put some fucking clothes on." Today I look at him with nothing short of lust and envy, wondering how I can get my ass to look like that. We so often become the man we at one time ridiculed. Life love irony.

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Yes, as a matter of fact, I did unfriend you.

Posted on 5/24/2014 by Daddy Will

I'm not one of these people that "cleans out" their list of Facebook friends from time to time. Even though I'm an atheist and a Democrat, I have many friend that are God fearing and even a few Republicans. Differences of opinion or constructive debate are not enough to get on my bad side. But, from time to time we run onto a person that just has a knack for finding the cloud for every silver lining. You don't dislike them, hell, you don't really disagree with them, you totally understand why they're so miserable, their attitude just SUCKS! So, I just sort of threw this together.

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Posted on 5/15/2014 by Daddy Will

mas•cu•lin•i•ty (m s ky -l n -t ) n. pl. mas•cu•lin•i•ties 1. The quality or condition of being masculine. 2. Something traditionally considered being characteristic of a male. (note: I feel sure that despite the above definition we have all had at least one aunt or girl cousin that was often referred to as being somewhat “mannish,” even prior to her unfortunate hysterectomy and resulting nosedive into menopause.)

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Captain's Log Stardate 0-5/13/2014

Posted on 5/13/2014 by Daddy Will

People often ask me why I don't write more. The truth is that I write a lot. I just don't post or publish very much. Writing as a form of creative expression requires a degree of physical participation from the observer that is not inherently required in other mediums. The observer is not afforded the ease of casual observance, or the experience of taste, touch, and smell in order to form an opinion on what they've observed. While a painting, sculpture, well prepared meal or lovely fragrance can be more easily done, those who wish to critique the written word are required the action of reading, often a tedious action at that. Many are required to search for reading glasses and still must face the need for time and space, free of distraction. The writer is really asking a lot from his audience, and he or she are thus required to give a lot in return. How can I paint a portrait of words? How can I assemble words in a manner that will reward the reader with the ability to touch, feel, smell and taste the very experience I write about? It's a rather tall order if taken seriously. At best I always hope that I can at least provide the reader with something to think about, something to ponder, hopefully provoking them to revisit and explore a previously held idea, possibly updating their views in a manner that brings them greater peace and joy.

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Posted on 4/20/2014 by Daddy Will in easter passover greetings nicherin buddhism holiday wishes.

This is dedicated to my wonderful friends, both virtual and in real time, that take the opportunity to display their kindness by extending holiday greetings to a godless heathen like myself. So, this is a little show of my appreciation.

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Posted on 4/13/2014 by Daddy Will in balls gonads nuts ballsack testicles tiny testicles scrotum small balls testcular implants

Balls? I really gotta get a pair.

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Posted on 4/10/2014 by Daddy Will in sex morning gay men dating hookups booty call

Really, like RIGHT NOW! It's a lovely idea, but if we attempt anything prior to me having my coffee, we won't be having morning sex so much as just mourning sex.

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Posted on 4/8/2014 by Daddy Will in lgbt self-help self-discovery life journal journal gay men change personal evolution self-acceptance self-improvement self actualization

Words are cheap! We hear it all the time. Hell, words are free for that matter. But isn't it true that words contain whatever value we instill or assign to them, or that they inspire in us? The one great thing about writing is that unlike other artistic mediums, there is virtually no expense when it comes to materials. The words are free, the artiste simple needs to pluck them from their mind and assemble them. Now, the consequences of that assemblage can be extremely profound, it can be helpful, it can even do damage. My intent as a writer/artist is not to provoke people, but to provoke thought, to encourage myself and others to think. So, I have decided to supplement my writing with a day to day journal. Self-indulgent? Absolutely, there's no denying it. But, hopefully I will touch upon aspects of my own experience that will provoke me to further explore more creative ideas.

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Posted on 4/3/2014 by Daddy Will in gay men online dating hookup rejection sex compatibility

As always, I want to make it very clear that I do not give advice. I reiterate that I am in no manner qualified or certified to dispense advice. And even if I were I would find it a foolhardy prospect. It's my belief that few people are sincerely seeking advice. In fact, 98% of the time they have already decided upon a course of action, how they're going to handle any given situation. When they present the dilemma to you, they are not seeking advice so much as hoping to garner your validation and possibly even support in executing their plan. But, when it comes to rejection, I feel that I have enough experience to be somewhat of an authority, so I feel confident in sharing. So, when somebody asks me "advice" on something, I make it quite clear that I am only sharing my own experience in a similar manner, how I handled the situation and in retrospect if I feel my coarse of action was well chosen, regardless of the outcome. Hell, I have made terrible choices which had disastrous results at the time, but that have gone on to have a glorious overall outcome. So, I present the following dilemma that was presented to me by a lovely young man earlier today.

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We met at the fair.. The Folsom Street Fair

Posted on 9/28/2013 by Daddy Will

Give me one more chance at the midway! My tribute to potential and possibilities of love. You never know where you'll find it.

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