Dining Al Fresco Anderson? (Up The Pooper Mr. Cooper?)

Posted on 9/20/2011 by Daddy Will in Anderson Cooper gay sexuality sexual orientation coming out out

I’m admittedly a man that is highly opinionated yet extremely ignorant of most topics of any importance, this is a dangerous combination of traits so I tend to avoid important topics like politics or speaking about major events like Fashion Week. My area of expertise is more along the lines of sex, hooking up online for the purpose of having sex, preferred types of lubricant to facilitate said sex, and the occasional review of a restaurant that serves mediocre food in generous portions, two things that are important to Jack and me when we dine out. Today I am going to make an attempt to write about a topic that is of some concern to many if not most LGBT people. Coming out!

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HEY ASSHOLE! You're not the only sphincter in town!

Posted on 9/16/2011 by Daddy Will

I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I have been known to "play" doctor with other consenting adults.

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I'll have you know I'm very probiotic!

Posted on 9/10/2011 by Daddy Will

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that most foods touted as being probiotic are actually just sorta spoiled?

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Posted on 9/8/2011 by Daddy Will

I admit it, I am technically challenged!

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I like to know how I'm doin.................

Posted on 9/7/2011 by Daddy Will

I'm not looking for continual reassurance, it's not necessary to pretend I have a big cock, but some signs of life and a little response is always appreciated.

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