Posted on 10/14/2012 by Daddy Will

I'm taking a moment today to look at my own propensity to be a bully. If you, like me are a user of Facebook and other social media then you know that it is to be barraged with endless photos of cute animals that cause us to say "awww" and photos of neglected or abused animals that create outrage and a desire to punish the abusers. At the same time we post photos of anonymous people that are innocently going through their day to day lives, simply in the process of being, and we hold these people up for scrutiny and ridicule that is incredibly unkind. Is this not a form of bullying?

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Posted on 10/10/2012 by Daddy Will

As election day draws near there will no doubt be friendships broken, families divided and many Facebook acquaintances unfriended, deleted and blocked. It is up to us as individuals how we wish to celebrate triumph or mourn defeat. Let's stop for a moment and give some advance thought to our choices. I don't mean to be defeatist here or jinx anything, it's simply about being pragmatically prepared for more than one outcome. While not a religious man I am a man of faith in my ideals but I must realize that there are many other people of faith out there whose ideals are different than my own.

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